Personal Training

To make fitness an important part of your daily life is what we’re about, so we provide every new member with a free personal training session and a tailored program to reach your goals. 


Staying motivated and creating a habit is easier to do alongside other members, which is why we provide team training on the gym floor and a wide range of fun group exercise classes.


We also know a fitness focused lifestyle isn’t about dedicating yourself to a regime and doing the same thing day in, day out so you can always check in with us to help keep you focused – we have the expertise to turn your motivation into a life changed habit.


 The team of qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers provide exceptional quality service in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with the emphasis of assisting you with your fitness goals.



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Here at Church Street Health and Fitness Club we provide a wide range of fun group exercise classes which are suitable for all levels of fitness.


Ab Flex


For a complete abdominal work out, this class is a must for everyone! 15 minutes of a variety of stimulating abdominal movements allows you to readily incorporate the class into your existing workout program.


Gym Members: FREE

General Public: $16.00


Super Circuit


An Excellent overall body and cardiovascular work out, the Super Circuit allows you to work at your own pace and intensity within a class environment. Incorporating interval training, it uses a variety of exercises based around pin load machines, cardio pieces and floor exercises.

Class duration is approximately 50 minutes.


Gym Members: FREE

General Public: $16.00




The Boxing Class is an excellent full body workout that helps assist in weight loss and increasing your cardiovascular fitness, while at the same time increasing your muscular strength and endurance. The class runs for approximately one hour and involves you spending half the time boxing and the other half assisting in holding the focus pads for a partner. The class is suitable for everyone and is a fun and efficient way to exercise.


Gym Members: FREE

General Public: $16.00



Class Times


  Ab Flex Super Circuit Boxing
Monday 6:45am - -
Tuesday 9:30am & 6:15pm 6:15am & 6:30pm -
Wednesday 6:45am & 9:45am 9:00am (Ladies Only) 6:30pm
Thursday 6:45am & 9:30am 6:15am -
Friday 9:00am - -
Saturday 10:00am - -
Sunday 10:15am 9:30am -


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Here at Church Street Health and Fitness Club all physiotherapy is conducted by the experienced and dedicated staff at PhysioTrain.


PhysioTrain are experts in assessing and treating a full range of sports injuries, postural problems or work injuries.  They help injured clients and athletes return to their previous level of function in the shortest time possible, with the least likelihood of recurrence and apply a strong hands-on philosophy, meaning they focus on manual techniques such as massage, stretching and joint mobilisation.  In addition, they are qualified to use the latest techniques including Clinical Pilates, Redcord, Kinesio taping and dry needling.


A snap shot of the injuries treated and managed include:


  • Head and neck injuries (including headaches)
  • Shoulder injuries (dislocations and impingements)
  • Back injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Ankle injuries
  • Hamstring strains



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